Wholesale Clientele

The Cactus King is proud to supply premium quality cacti and succulents to wholesale clientele.

To access wholesale pricing, please:

1. Follow the link below

2. Complete the 2 pages of paperwork

3. Return the paperwork to us either via

a) email at turnera@thecactusking.com
b) in person

Click here to download required wholesaler paperwork



Due to the complex nature of this particular field of botany, The Cactus King has a small, but dedicated team. We always attempt to respond to inquiries as they come in, however, this is not always possible. Most inquiries will be responded to within 1 business day. Please allow a maximum response time of 5 business days.

As wholesalers, we realize that you are often operating under your own strict timelines. In the event that you require immediate assistance and/or cannot wait 1-5 business days, please contact us via phone at (281) 591-8833.

Thank you!


QUESTION: Wait, The Cactus King doesn't take credit cards? How do I pay?


The Cactus King accepts checks, money orders and cash. We never suggest paying with cash unless your company's order will be payed for in person. After receiving your order total, please send either a check or money order to the address listed below.

The Cactus King
625 West Canino Road
Houston, TX 77037

QUESTION: I don't live in Texas, does The Cactus King ship to other states?


You do not live in Texas? We are so sorry, that must be tough! In terms of shipping, that is no problem. The Cactus King ships to every state in the USA, so breath easy. We have you covered.

QUESTION: Can my company make its own shipping arrangements?


Yes you can! The Cactus King will coordinate with a courier of your company's choosing. A word of caution, many couriers will not ship live plants as they do not want to take on the liability. The Cactus King uses FedEx for all of its shipments.

The Cactus King will still prep, package and load the order for you. Orders are prepared and shipped on Thursdays and Fridays, so please make sure to communicate this to your chosen courier. If the shipment is urgent, please indicate this, so we can work together to get your company's order out within the time-frame required.

Labor, prep and packaging fees still apply regardless of whether The Cactus King arranges for FedEx to pick up your order or if a company utilizes their own courier.

QUESTION: What do The Cactus King's labor, prep and packaging fees cover?


Packaging fees cover the cost of:
1. Boxes
2. Box fillers (i.e., paper, packing peanuts)
3. Packing tape

Prep and labor fees cover the cost of time-intensive:
1. Labor to pull a company's plants
2. Soil removal to ship bare root in compliance with state and federal law
3. Inspection/cleaning of each plant

QUESTION: Does The Cactus King ship bare root?


Yes, The Cactus King ships orders bare root. Aside from helping to stop the spread of invasive species (something we take very seriously), bare root practices bring shipping costs down significantly for our clientele.

Moreover, The Cactus King must abide by strict agricultural laws that govern shipping practices. Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Kansas, Idaho, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, New Mexico, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Dakota, Texas, Utah and Washington must always receive plants bare root.


1. 4" (and under), potted plants are shipped in soil

2. Large, heavy plants (i.e., Yucca trees), that require the use of a pallet can be shipped in soil.

QUESTION: When will my order ship? Will The Cactus King let me know?


The Cactus King ships on Thursdays and Fridays. Unless a company has received prior approval, no orders leave our facility Saturday-Wednesday. This assists our ability to keep operations running smoothly.

When an order and its corresponding payment arrives, the check or money order will be deposited that same day. Payments received, deposited AND cleared by Tuesday at 6am will be filled and shipped that Thursday or Friday. Payments received, deposited AND cleared anytime after Tuesday at 6am will be filled and shipped the following Thursday or Friday.

All orders are filled chronologically. All orders ship out via FedEx ground, which carries an estimated delivery window of 3-5 business days. You will know that your order has shipped when you receive an auto generated tracking number, created and directly supplied by FedEx.

QUESTION: A landscape architect's breathing down my neck, can you photograph my plants and include them with my quote?


As mentioned above, The Cactus King consists of a small, but dedicated team. We always do our best to provide your company with superior customer service.

The Cactus King's property is 5 acres and it can be too time intensive to consistently provide photographs to all clientele. Your company can certainly request photographs, but we cannot provide a strict guarantee that it will be fulfilled. At the very least, we do provide photographs of our plants on our website.

QUESTION: Are 4" potted cacti/succulents picked at the discretion of The Cactus King or does my company control which varieties are selected?


Plant selection is only at the discretion of The Cactus King when a company chooses to order the "1000 count, 2" cactus OR succulent mix" special (45 cents per plant). In this case, said company would only need indicate whether they want 1,000 cacti, 1,000 succulents or a mix of both cacti and succulents. From there, The Cactus King will choose 1000 plants for you.

4" cacti and succulents are, however, a different story. Your company can choose the specific plants that they want. The Cactus King does ask that singular species in 4" pots are ordered by the flat (15 cacti per flat/18 succulents per flat). Singular species in 1 gallon pots must please be ordered at a minimum of 2 per specie. Any plants ordered in larger pots have no restrictions.

The only constraint is that every web/email/phone order must reach a minimum total of $200.00 (not including shipping). For instance, if you were placing an order for succulents in 4" pots, you would be required to purchase 200 plants (1 X 4" pot = $1.00).

1st picture:

Mammillaria boscana -v- rosaflora (White cacti - pinkish-red flowers)
Mammillaria boscana -v- multilanata (White cacti - white flowers with red edges)

2nd picture:

Aloe barberae x dichotoma (Aloe barberae 'Hercules')



New York Botanical Gardens
Houston Zoo
San Antonio Zoo
Houston Rodeo
Mercer Arboretum in Houston, Texas
Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids, Michigan

We are international as well! If you are ever in China you can see plants from the Cactus King. Chimelong Ocean Kingdom the Largest Aquarium in the world. We can be seen in many of their other parks as well. Water Park, Amusement Park, Crocodile Park and Botanical Gardens.

Our cactus and succulents have been used in both commercials and movies.


The King's Hours

Monday through Saturday: 9am - 6pm
11am - 4pm

Para asistencia en español, contáctenos en espanol@thecactusking.com

Addresses & Contact Information

Physical Address:
7900 I-45N
Houston TX, 77037

We're located directly next to the Taj Inn.

Mailing Address (web orders):
625 West Canino Road
Houston, TX 77037

Questions? Concerns? The CK team is here to help!

Email: turnera@thecactusking.com
Hablantes de español: espanol@thecactusking.com

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