Adenium obesum


The Cactus King offers 2 options for the 6" Adenium obesum. We have specimens with larger bulbs OR specimens with slightly smaller bulbs that are planted in a painted clay pot with gravel. They are both $25.00. You can either notate your order online to indicate which option you would like to go with, or you can include a note with your payment.

Additionally, for Adenium obesum enthusiasts, we have giant specimens available. The giant specimens are priced individually. If interested, do not hesitate to reach out via phone at (281) 591-8833 for further details.


The Adenium obesum is a succulent shrub (or small tree), belonging to the oleander family. It is a pachycaul (plants with a disproportionately thick trunk for their height, and few branches). The word is derived from the Greek word "pachy" meaning thick or stout, and Latin "caulis" meaning the stem.

The Adenium obesum has a swollen basal caudex with an opened crown that grows denser with age. It is evergreen or drought-deciduous and can lose its leaves during cold spells. It is quite variable in habit and most plants in cultivation are hybrids, yet only a few cultivar names have a valid description. It is monoecious and self-sterile.

Use African Violet fertilizer for this succulent.


Cameraria obesa Spreng.
Nerium obesum Forssk.
Pachypodium obesum A.DC.

Plant Details
USDA Zone Information: 
Flower : 
Ideal Light Conditions: 
Partial shade to sun
Ideal Water Conditions: 
Moderate in summer, drier in winter
Speed of Growth: 
One Year of Growth: 
Mature Height: 
Mature Width: 
Latin Name: 
Adenium obesum
Common Name: 
Desert Rose, Elephant's Foot, Impala Lily, Mock Azalea, Kudu, Sabi Star

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