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The Cactus King offers the largest collection of cacti and succulents for sale on the planet! It is imperative to the owner, Mr. Lyn Rathburn, that the community at large have the same access to these magical plants as special collectors, museums, botanical gardens, zoos and landscapers. We love our plants and want to spread the joy they bring us with the rest of the world.

Limited Time Sales - While Supplies Last! Do Not Forget to Scroll Down to View Featured Plants

Cereus peruvianus

7 gallon: $90.00 (Sale price- $44.99) 3' 1" average height
15 gallon: $150.00 (Sale price- $74.99) 4' 5" average height

Euphorbia ammak

15 gallon: $150.00 (Sale price- $69.99)

Euphorbia trigona var. Rubra

15 gallon: $150.00 (Sale price- $74.99)

Alluida Procen 5 gal $45.00 (Sale price - $22.50)
Agava Villamorimna 5 gal $29.99 (Sale price $15.00)

Lophocereus Schotti Montrose

4" pot: $5.99
1 gallon: $10.99
5 gallon: $44.99 (Sale Price $24.99)

Hoya Kerrii

We have these nice heart shape Hoya in a southwestern style pot for a special someone on Valentine Day for just $9.99.

Common Requests:

Cold hardy cactus/succulent list

Columnar cactus suggestions (indoor cultivation)

Columnar species (grows arms)

The Cactus King IS open:

-Retail and wholesale clientele welcome
-Orders are filled 6 days a week to combat the issues revolving around Covid-19
-NO changes to online orders
-NO changes in personnel

We are committed to client safety:

-All door handles are consistently/periodically disinfected
-Any employee showing signs of illness, must remain home until fully recovered
-Gratefully, The CK's entire team is healthy

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Kingly Shipping Practices

Wait, wait...You do not live in Texas? We are so sorry, that must really be tough! In terms of shipping, that is no problem. The Cactus King ships to every state in the USA aside from Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Breathe easy friend, The King has got you covered. There is no sales tax for clients located outside of Texas. For those residing in the great state of Texas, local sales tax of 8.25% will be applied to your order total. State and federal law unfortunately prohibits international shipments.

To verify prices and availability, text or call (281) 591-8833 for assistance. Thank you!

Shop Online Like A King - Introducing Our New eCheck Payment Option!

The King decreed that the online minimum purchase amount be reduced from $50.00 to $25.00! All hail! All hail!

What is an eCheck (electronic check), and why use them?

An electronic check, also known as an eCheck, is a form of digital payment that serves the same function as a physical check. By accepting an eCheck, The Cactus King receives funds by pulling them directly from the recipient's checking account. The advantages to using eChecks over physical checks are numerous, the amount to pay with eCheck is limited now the max amount is $500. The website is:

Paper checks and certified checks are more secure. If your order is more then $500 you will need to send in a paper check, money order, or a certified check. If lost in transit, the account number and routing number printed at the bottom is exposed to whomever comes across it. Furthermore, physical checks (on average), take far longer to process. Physical checks must be filled out, mailed, received and deposited before the funds have an opportunity to clear. eChecks, on the other hand, begin their approximate 1-3 business day processing time the moment that they are submitted. Upon first contact with The Cactus King's fiscal institution, funds are made immediately available. Finally, at no point in time, can The Cactus King view your banking information (routing number/account number).

The Cactus King accepts:

1. Checks (physical, paper checks)
2. Money Orders
3. Cash (We do not suggest sending cash via mail as there is no paper trail)

The Cactus King does not accepts these type of payment at store:

1. Credit Card
2. Gift Card
3. Debit Card

To pay by eCheck simply:

1. Choose "Other" as your payment method
2. An eCheck payment link will be sent to your provided email
3. Click said link/complete payment
4. Congratulate yourself for making the best purchase of your life

Average Inquiry Response Time (from your friendly, imperial monarch)

The Cactus King and other commercial nurseries that sell common landscaping plants are unable to operate in the same fashion. Mr. Rathburn is a trained, expert botanist within an already highly specialized portion of horticulture/botany (cacti and succulents). Our nursery is run by a team of ten, dedicated employees. Each team member must undergo months of intensive training before being able to fulfill even the simplest of customer requests.

We work hard to respond to all inquiries in a timely manner. Please allow up to 2 business days for a response. The average response time is 1-2 hours. For urgent matters, please contact The King at (281) 591-8833

Thank you for your cooperation and patience!

Regal Eco-Friendly Practices

Participating in environmentally sustainable growing practices is at the crux of The Cactus King's philosophy. Aside from the beauty and magic that cacti and succulents bring (and it's substantial), they save an INCREDIBLE amount of water.

The Cactus King uses approximately 250 thousand gallons of water annually. A nursery of the same size that sells other popular landscaping plants, utilizes anywhere from 5 million to 12 million gallons of water each MONTH! We see no necessity in compromising the needs of our planet for the needs of our business.

Special Occasion? It's Your Day To Be The King!

It's no surprise that our clientele see us as a destination, not simply a store to purchase another product. The Cactus King's customers frequently make the trip from different countries, cities and states. They enter with a look of magic and wonder on their faces. Botany students from surrounding universities come to observe and photograph our diverse collection of cacti and succulents. Brides and grooms to be often come to take engagement and wedding photos.

The magic of hundreds of species of cacti and succulents from all around the globe will almost certainly compliment your special occasion. Whether you are taking family photos, celebrating an engagement or have an interest in botany, The Cactus King is the place for you.

The cost to take photographs at our nursery is $40.00 per half hour. Please contact The King via phone or text at (281) 591-8833 to make a reservation! Thank you!


Sovereign Sales and Stately Featured Plants

Corporate Clients (The King hangs hard)


RoboCop (1987)
RoboCop 2 (1990)
Hot Pursuit (2015)


USA Network's Queen of the South (2019)

Botanical Gardens:

New York Botanical Gardens
Oklahoma City Zoo/Botanical Gardens
Mercer Arboretum in Houston, Texas
Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids, Michigan


Houston, TX Zoo
San Antonio, TX Zoo

Other Clientele:

Houston, TX Rodeo

The Cactus King's cacti and succulents have gone international! If you ever find yourself in China with a little spare time, head to the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom. It is the largest Aquarium in the world (no big deal, pun definitely intended).

The Cactus King's plants are also featured in the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom's partner parks. These include their water park, amusement park, crocodile park and botanical gardens.

News, Events, and Specials

Plan 48 - Directors Cut

The Cactus King was featured in a short film! If you haven't had a chance to visit our store in person then take a few minutes and watch this short film for a small glimpse of what we have to offer!

Click here to play a video file

Strawberry Pots

Click here to see our pottery!

Our Strawberry Pots are on a huge, temporary sale. We dropped the price from $12.00 to only $2.00 with a $10.00+ in person purchase!

As the picture shows, each pot has 4 - 5 openings on its sides. This allows you to plant separate cacti and/or succulents in each hole in addition to the normal opening on top.



10.5" tall

Wholesale/Retail Hours

Monday through Saturday: 9am - 5:30pm

Sunday: Closed

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Addresses & Contact Information

Physical Address (IN-PERSON VISITS):
7900 I-45N
Houston TX, 77037

We're located directly next to the Tajj Inn.
Mailing Address (WEB ORDER PAYMENTS):

Lyn Rathburn
PO Box 16099
Houston, TX 77222

Please make checks/money orders out to "Lyn Rathburn."
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