Notocactus apricus


The Notocactus apricus is indigenous to Maldonado and Uruguay. Botanists suspect that this cactus may additionally be native to Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Typically, this species grows on sandy, grassy hills. The Latin epithet 'apricus' means "sun-loving, growing in a sunny position."

Flowers (as pictured above), are large and grow near the apex of the cactus. They take on a funnel shape. Flowers are a vibrant yellow with a red center. Outer perianth segments have reddish middle stripes. The Notocactus apricus' fruit is dark red, ovate and woolly-hairy. Seeds are black.

A well-draining soil is required for both outdoor and indoor cultivation. A rocky and/or sandy soil is best. Utilize a mineral compost with little organic matter (i.e., peat). You must give the plant's roots ample opportunity to breathe. The Notocactus apricus is rot prone, do not kill your friend!

For potted specimens (outside/indoors), use a relatively shallow pot. The Notocactus apricus has fibrous roots, so a shallower pot is needed. As always with this cactus, place a very well-draining soil in the pot. It may very well remain in the same pot for years and years on end.


Parodia concinna (Monv.) N.P.Taylor
Notocactus agnetae var. aureispinus Vliet
Notocactus agnetae var. minor Vliet
Notocactus blaauwianus var. enormis Vliet
Notocactus concinnioides W.Prauser
Notocactus concinnus var. aceguensis N.Gerloff
Notocactus concinnus var. apricus (Arechav.) P.V.Heath
Notocactus concinnus var. eremiticus (F.Ritter) N.Gerloff
Notocactus concinnus var. gibberulus Prestlé
Notocactus concinnus f. joadii (Arechav.) Havlíček
Notocactus concinnus var. multicostatus (Buining & Bredero) Doweld
Notocactus concinnus var. pororensis Dumon
Notocactus concinnus var. rubrigemmatus (W.R.Abraham) N.Gerloff
Notocactus concinnus var. yerbalitoensis W.Prauser
Notocactus olimarensis Prestlé
Parodia caespitosa (Speg.) N.P.Taylor
Parodia concinna subs. agnetae (Vliet) Hofacker
Parodia concinna subs. blaauwiana (Vliet) Hofacker

Plant Details
USDA Zone Information: 
Flower : 
whitish yellow
Ideal Light Conditions: 
Ideal Water Conditions: 
Moderate in Summer, Dry in Winter
Mature Height: 
3 inches
Mature Width: 
3 inches
Latin Name: 
Notocactus apricus
Common Name: 
Ball Cactus

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